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Cheese Green Pea Pops

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Full of richness and flavor, our Green Potato is crafted with high-quality ingredients and zero preservatives for a healthier and tastier experience. So wait no more and treat yourself and your loved ones with this delish appetizer.


Includes: 10 Pieces


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Heating Instructions

Blue Tiger Foods presents to you the luscious cheese green pea pops that are very healthy yet super delicious. The dish is mainly prepared for the foodies to enjoy both the fantastic taste and health. These pops are made with fresh green peas, rice, oats, and finely chopped tomatoes. You will also find the extravagant flavours of dried oregano, dried basil, rosemary, paprika, etc. And then, with a single bite, you will feel the warm and delicate cheese rushing out, feeling your heart s core with joy. Order and taste it now with your favourite spicy chutney choice.